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Kuleana Retreat

Coming Back Home

Virtual Wellness Retreat

April 17-18


     Kuleana is a Hawaiian term for responsibility. In the healing world I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves, and ultimately it is our responsibility to do so. I use this term paired with my healing practice to illuminate the importance of taking charge of one's own health and healing process. 

     With the external world providing fewer and fewer outlets for our attention, ultimately less distractions, we are forced to go within. The importance of this inward shift is the exact reason I have created this retreat. I want to provide the tools and techniques for others to create healthy relationships with themselves, to find more love for themselves and to reconnect with parts that they may have drifted from along the way.


     I have brought together healers that have facilitated my most profound healing experiences and allowed me to step into a more authentic, empowered state of being -- a process I hope to share with you. During this weekend we will expand our healing horizons through yoga, breath work, meditation, shamanic healing, ecstatic dancing, myofascial + neuromuscular self massage techniques, quantum energy healing and talks on nutrition + cleansing and the embodiment of empowered states of being.


     To make this retreat a transformative and sustainable experience I will also provide information and opportunities for creating space in your daily lives to continue this work. 

     A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Surf Without Borders, a nonprofit organization that provides surf therapy to impoverished coastal communities.

     Move towards being in alignment with being your best self. Join me and the most inspirational healers I know for this healing retreat! 


All Times EST


April 17th


April 18th

11 am - Weekend welcome

11:15 - Manjit Devgun Jkab (Meditation Teacher) - will teach us the science behind meditation and the effects it has on our brain, followed by a guided meditation.

12:00 - Melissa Roessler (Holistic Nutritionist) - will inform us on what holistic nutrition is, incorporating teachings of Ayurvedic nutrition as well as cleansing/fasting. 


12:45 - Lunch

2:00 - Kate Kavanaugh (Yoga Teacher) - will guide everyone through a mindful yoga flow to connect mind, body, and spirit/breath.


2:30 - Break


2:45 - Darryn Silver (Transformational Breath Facilitator) - will enlighten us on the power of breath work, how it is interconnected and can be used to transform our lives, as well as guide us through a Transformational Breathwork session.


4:30 - Closing

11 am - Welcome

11:15 - Anna Clejan (Shamanic Healer) - will show us how to open up sacred space and bring us on a shamanic journeying to our inner worlds.

12:00 - Marion (Therapeutic Massage Therapist) - will inform us about the wonder of therapeutic massage as well as teach us Myofascial/Neuromuscular self treatment techniques. 


1:00 - Lunch 

2:00 - Brittni Svanberg (Yoga Teacher) - will teach us tools and techniques to create a more sustainable home practice as well as guide us through a yoga flow.


3:00 - Break


3:15 - Olympia & DjSava (Free Spirit Dance Instructor) - will mix music, meditation and free spirit dance together for an eclectic dance experience to get out of our minds and into our bodies. 


4:00 - Ashley Lee(Quantum Energy Healer & Motivational Speaker) - will teach us the power of our own energy and how to step into more empowered states of being, followed by a quantum energy healing session.


5:30 - Closing

Meet The Team

Brittni Svanberg

Yoga Teacher

Brittni Svanberg

Born and raised in East Hampton, Brittni has been a yoga practitioner since childhood.

After retiring from competitive figure skating she transitioned to a more regular asana practice and decided to pursue a RYT certificate to dive deeper into her studies. She received her 200-hour certification in Alignment Based Vinyasa from Mandala Yoga Center for Healing Arts in 2020.

Brittni strives to hone in on the flow of breath in sync with movement to achieve an easeful balance between mind, body and spirit for all levels of experience.

She is currently studying personal healing through energy work as well as trauma informed yoga for youth with the goal of helping beings of all ages reap the healing benefits of establishing their own practices to foster a deeper mind-body connection.

In her class you will utilize a flow of breath and movement to move towards an easeful balance between mind, body and spirit.

Ashley Lee

Quantum Energy Healer

Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN is a Medical Intuitive with 27 years of Pediatric and Newborn Critical Care who exhibits expertise in deep understanding of advanced human physiology. She has a unique approach in guiding you and your family to view pathogens, toxins and sensitivities in a whole new way. Ashley synthesizes Advanced Allergy Therapeutics with Energy Healing to alleviate Seasonal & Year round indoor and outdoor allergies. Her technique is gentle, non-invasive and effective.
Ashley also is a Certified Allergy Relief Specialist with AAT – Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. She is one of the country’s leading experts in assisting infants, children and adults in relieving their allergy symptoms. Her process of assisting you to alleviate chronic inflammation associated with allergies and sensitivities will allow you to breathe easier, eat desired foods and stop that pesky itchiness! While assisting people in re-mediating their allergies, Ashley noticed a subtle but deeply mis-understood population of people called Highly Sensitive People or HSPs. Many of these HSPs, no matter the age, can and do suffer from hyper-sensitivities of numerous forms. These types of hyper-sensitivities can manifest as auto-immune conditions, allergies, chronic anxiety, social isolation and many feelings of “too much, too sensitive, not good enough”, which can create low self esteem and misery. The AshleyLeeHealing™ program is designed to assist the HSP in remedying their hyper-sensitivities, bringing them in balance with their true innate sensitive selves.

Anna Clejan

Shamanic Healer

Anna Clejan

Anna Clejan, is a certified energy medicine practitioner.  She completed her training with Alberto Villoldo's School of Energy Medicine, the Light Body School, and practices in Sag Harbor and NYC.  As an energy healer, Anna utilizes energy medicine practices that have been used by Native South American medicine men and women for thousands of years.  These mystical medicine men and women from the Andes are known as "Earthkeepers" as they worship Mother Earth, are stewards of nature, and believe in her power and grace.  They are in constant communion with the spiritual realm and live in sacred reciprocity, balance and harmony with the earth and the supernatural forces all around them.
Anna is also certified with the Academy of Healing Arts which teaches the art of healing with crystals. Part of her practice incorporates the Vogel Technique, developed by Marcel Vogel.
She has studied with several Andean mystics, including curanderas Doña Ysabel and Doña Olinda, know as “the Twins” and Fredy Quispe Singona.
In addition to her work as an energy healer, Anna is also a designer for  ModernNetZero, LLC, a company she founded with her husband.  And, she is a ceramic artist spending much of her free time in the art studio.  

Olympia + DjSava

Free Spirit Dance Instructor

Olympia + DjSava

Husband and wife, team Olympia and dj Sava of 1tribedance, an immersive holistic dance fitness & wellness experience. A mind music and movement journey via conscious music played by Dj, free spirit dance, mindfulness and elements of yoga.

Marion Rohrbach

Theraputic Massage Therapist

Marion Rohrbach

Originally from Stuttgart, Germany, Marion received her undergraduate degree as a Dance/Movement Therapist in1986. She worked in a clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine before moving to New York City to study Movement Analysis and became a licensed Massage Therapist, a Neuromuscular Therapist and a Myofascial Release and Shiatsu Practitioner. During the last 30 years she also studied Hanna Somatics, the Feldenkrais Method, Structural Strategies with Tomas Myers, Myoskeletal therapy with Eric Dalton and Myofascial Release with John Barnes.
She continually refines her integrative method of Manual Therapy to provide an advanced and highly effective healing experience for her clients.
She has a private practice in Amagansett, NY.

Tonia D'Angelo

Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist

Tonia D'Angelo

Tonia Slade is a fun-loving, active mother of three amazing children (including her awesome daughter Kate!) and two step kids! Her profession as a holistic health counselor and yoga instructor allows her to affect peoples lives in a positive way. She feels most fulfilled when helping others achieve a sense of peace and start on a path of healing and wellness. When she is not teaching she pursues her passions of travel, whole food cooking, swimming in waterfalls, hiking with her Dog “Bear”, and making others smile.

Tonia is a registered 1500+ hour yoga teacher trained through Yoga Shanti, Sadhana yoga and Urban Zen. She is also trained in Holistic Nutrition, Reiki, Sekhem, Aromatherapy, and will bring her healing hands wherever needed. Namaste

Kate Kavanaugh

Retreat Host and Healer

Kate Kavanaugh

Kate Kavanaugh is a certified Yoga teacher, Sekhem Energy Healer, Reiki Energy Healer and Thai masseuse who is currently expanding her healing modalities through studying at Quantum University for Integrative medicine. She has a deep sense of passion and purpose when it comes to assisting other's in reigniting the spark of divinity within or "coming back home" as she likes to call it. This retreat is the first of many that she will be hosting to provide people with the opportunity of educating, practicing, and embodying the beauty of self healing.

Melissa Roessler

Nutritional Practitioner

Melissa Roessler

Melissa has worked and studied in the field of nutrition for over 25 years.

She received her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from New York University in 1988 and worked as a registered dietitian at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx for various years. As Melissa was raised in a European home where family meals were prioritized and food was integrated as medicine; she furthered her studies and passion towards disease prevention and went on to study Ayurveda and other integrative healing modalities.

Today, she practices holistic nutrition blending her clinical training and experience with the wisdom of Ayurveda. She is a consultant advising private schools in New York City working directly with Students, faculty, parents and chefs providing nutrition education, menu analysis and creation based on specific dietary needs. She is further interested in creating a nutrition curriculum emphasizing prevention by education and empowering children to take control of their health. Melissa also has a private practice working with adults.

She enjoys creative, healthy cooking, yoga, tennis, golf, travel and family time with her husband, two children and Portugese Waterdog.

Manjit Meditation

Meditation Teacher

Manjit Meditation

Manjit was born from Indian parents of Sikh Punjabi descent, raised in England and now lives in New York.

Her parents and culture have had the biggest influence on her life especially her mother who taught music and Sikh studies at the local temple . Her parents taught her traditional hymns and mantras.

She grew up performing kirtan -singing Indian hymns and mantras in the Sikh temple with her family and learned about the importance of healing via music early on. She believes that what we choose to ingest and digest mentally and physically affects the way we think. As a young girl her grandmother read her palms and influenced her to discover her gift of having the ability to do the same and help people to address their past through mantras and meditation. Manjit uses this sacred gift to help navigate in tailoring personal meditations that are recorded for her private clients.

Manjit spent most of her adult life working in music and fashion but has always continued to record and write guided meditations and hymns

Darryn Silver

Transformational Breath Facilitator

Darryn Silver

I am an Integrative life coach, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) aka therapist, & Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator/Group Leader, who will inspire your return to radiant wholeness utilizing intuitive inquiry, energy work, Transformational Breath® as well as many other modalities.

I specialize in working with people like you who desire a lifestyle based on freedom, connection, abundance and well-being.

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