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Anna Clejan

Shamanic Healer

Anna Clejan, is a certified energy medicine practitioner.  She completed her training with Alberto Villoldo's School of Energy Medicine, the Light Body School, and practices in Sag Harbor and NYC.  As an energy healer, Anna utilizes energy medicine practices that have been used by Native South American medicine men and women for thousands of years.  These mystical medicine men and women from the Andes are known as "Earthkeepers" as they worship Mother Earth, are stewards of nature, and believe in her power and grace.  They are in constant communion with the spiritual realm and live in sacred reciprocity, balance and harmony with the earth and the supernatural forces all around them.
Anna is also certified with the Academy of Healing Arts which teaches the art of healing with crystals. Part of her practice incorporates the Vogel Technique, developed by Marcel Vogel.
She has studied with several Andean mystics, including curanderas Doña Ysabel and Doña Olinda, know as “the Twins” and Fredy Quispe Singona.
In addition to her work as an energy healer, Anna is also a designer for  ModernNetZero, LLC, a company she founded with her husband.  And, she is a ceramic artist spending much of her free time in the art studio.  


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