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Manjit Meditation

Meditation Teacher

Manjit was born from Indian parents of Sikh Punjabi descent, raised in England and now lives in New York.

Her parents and culture have had the biggest influence on her life especially her mother who taught music and Sikh studies at the local temple . Her parents taught her traditional hymns and mantras.

She grew up performing kirtan -singing Indian hymns and mantras in the Sikh temple with her family and learned about the importance of healing via music early on. She believes that what we choose to ingest and digest mentally and physically affects the way we think. As a young girl her grandmother read her palms and influenced her to discover her gift of having the ability to do the same and help people to address their past through mantras and meditation. Manjit uses this sacred gift to help navigate in tailoring personal meditations that are recorded for her private clients.

Manjit spent most of her adult life working in music and fashion but has always continued to record and write guided meditations and hymns


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